IDentity Management for federated access

The Mediterranean University adheres to the IDEM service (IDEntity Management for federated access) managed by GARR,

the first Italian Federation of Authentication and Authorization Infrastructures (AAI) which aims to allow

users of the national scientific and academic community to more easily access online services and contents

made available by different organisations. 

IDEM membership gives end users the advantage of using a single password to access all resources

available through the Federation while simplifying the access procedures which become

completely independent from the place where the user is located. 

To view/access the services and content available: 

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 The University credentials to use for access are:

For support in consulting the bibliographic resources

refer to Sistema Bibliotecario di Ateneo

For problems or information relating to the IDEM Federation

send an email to:

Information on the release of user attributes to resource providers

Our organization's identity provider (IdP) can send certain information, called attributes, about you to service providers (SPs).

This information is:
  • Requests to access the queried resources
  • Not exceeding what is strictly necessary for access to resources
  • Managed in accordance with the law
  • Specifyable for each service provider

The identity provider will only send the required attributes to each service provider.
Before accessing the resource provided by the service providers, the user examines the attributes being released and can decide whether to accept or prevent the sending of these.

In case of refusal, access to the resources provided by the service provider will not be possible.

When you access a resource of the IDEM federation, the system will release the following personal data to the body that provides the resource:

  • Affiliation in your organization
  • email addresses
  • Identifying name (principal name) in your organization
  • Surname and Name
  • Organization
  • Organization type
  • A unique and anonymous persistent identifier used to identify the user without containing personal information



The following table contains all the attributes that our identity provider (IdP) send to one or more service providers (SPs), based on the filters configured for each of them.


Attribute name Meaning
sn Surname
givenName Name
cn Name Surname
displayName Name Surname
mail E-mail
schacPersonalUniqueID Unique identifier of the person corresponding to the european tax code
schacHomeOrganization your affiliate organization
schacHomeOrganizationType the type of organization with which the user is affiliated
eduPersonAffiliation Specify the type of affiliation, example: student, faculty, staff, alum, etc
eduPersonPrincipalName Example: